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Webb designs

About Us! Our History

Webb Designs officially began in January, 2004 upon the purchase of assets of the former JabWeb, LLC. We took on its client list to provide design and hosting services to El Dorado and Union County clients. Our customer base extends throughout the Eastern United States.

Since we purchased the business, we have enhanced the existing client base for the former JabWeb, adding new clients every month. Webb Designs provides services to individuals, on up to political organizations and a few Fortune 500 companies in the United States, including deltic.com, for Deltic Timber Corporation and its subsidiary Del-Tin Fiber, among other local business and organizational sites.

The former JabWeb, LLC., has been in business for ten years, providing web hosting, design, and E-Commerce solutions for South Arkansas.


Webb Designs Owner Patrick Webb has worked in the field for over 15 years in the El Dorado area, and through the years he has seen a lot of changes. At Webb Designs our techniques and services have changed but our theory and design approach have remained the same since day one - Create sites that will inform with a creative edge, but make them simple and straight-forward enough to be accessible to everyone.

And that is what we do at Webb designs! Let us help you today!